Fire is dangerous, but smoke is even more so. Smoke is the number one cause of deaths by fire and kills more than burns by a 3-1 ratio. Direct exposure to smoke is just as bad for you as it is to the structure of your home. Many of these ways are unexpected and because of this, are difficult to repair as well. Smoke is comprised of three things: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and soot.

Common Areas for Smoke Damage

The temperature of smoke causes it to rise to the ceiling of your home and you will find most of your residue there. The smoke will also quickly look for areas outside and thus you will find lots of residue on outside walls and outside of windows and other exit points. It will also be found in other bizarre areas and once you understand how it moves you will know where to look.

[wc_featurelist list_style=’inline’ av_uid=’av-jokpzy2i’ custom_class=”]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Dressers, closets and other wall cavities will commonly contain large amounts of smoke residue. This is caused by rapid movement of smoke particles through the hot air in your home.’ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-7azfk2′]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Drapes and blinds will accumulate residue because it is attracted to the coolness of the windows. ‘ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-5qlwaa’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Smoke webs in ceiling corners caused by ionized smoke particles and on synthetic materials. ‘ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-45dpma’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Air duct and any type of ventilation system that leads out of or into the room. ‘ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-2zs5ky’]

Smoke Damage Restoration

When your building has faced extensive smoke damage it is best to trust licensed professionals like Water Damage Zone. We work tirelessly to ensure that the structure of your home is secure and that all remnants of smoke are removed from your home so that it is beautiful and odor-free. Call today for a free estimate!

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