Having air circulating throughout your home is crucial to maintaining a healthy environment. Properly ventilating your home will ensure that indoor pollution, moisture levels, and the temperature inside the house doesn’t get out of control. In this post, we’ll talk about ways to make sure that your home stays ventilated.

Open all doors in the house

This will allow the air in the home to travel throughout all of the floors and rooms. This is important in all sizes of homes because if air isn’t allowed to circulate, pollution and moisture will build up inside.

Change your air filter

Your HVAC air filter should be checked and changed regularly so that it can do its job by removing pollution and debris from the air. Make sure that you know your ventilation system and how often the air filter needs to be changed.

Open windows

Keeping windows in the home open will ensure that fresh air is able to enter the home and that stale air exits. If there is moisture in any of the rooms it is important to do this so that they can dry out. Don’t open your windows if it is excessively humid outside, hot, or raining.

Keep fans running

You should run the fans in your home in order to help move air around. Fans are especially helpful in rooms without windows. They help to move air from one room to another so pollution and debris don’t build up in any area. It will also help in making the home cooler and more temperate.

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