Around this time of the year is when the temperatures start lowering and many pull out their blankets, sweaters, and heaters. Many people use space heaters as a way to stay warm because they are convenient and portable. It is important to remember that space heaters can be a fire hazard if not used correctly.

Professional Safety Certification

Any space heater that you purchase should have a certification from a source that is well known and reputable. This will ensure that you have a quality product that doesn’t contain defective wiring. Some space heaters also have an automatic shut off feature that will power down the device if it is knocked over, overheats, or has been on for an extended period of time.

Do Not Use In Bathroom

Space heaters are not protected from water damage, so it is important that you do not use them in areas like bathrooms or kitchens where they can get wet. This can cause issues not only with functionality but also can cause electrocution. Always plug a space heater directly into the wall outlet instead of a low amp extension cord. Using extension cords can cause them to overheat and spark a fire.

Check Smoke Detectors

As a final step of precaution, you should always check your smoke detectors, at least twice a year, so that if there is a fire you will be alerted. A potential fire can be quickly averted and saved if residents are alerted and able to act before the fire gets out of control. By keeping space heaters in safe areas and using them properly you will greatly lower the risk of causing a fire or smoke damage to your home.

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