Mold often grows in our bathrooms and it can be easily removed from some places such as tiles. One place that isn’t so easily cleaned is the grout around the tile. Mold is extraordinarily hard to clean if it finds its way into your grout. Make sure that if you attempt to do this on your own that you completely remove the mold and allow the area to dry completely for 48 hours.

Scrub the Mold

The first thing you need to do is take a stiff scrub brush and use it to scrub off the mold from the grout. You will want to combine this brushing action with some cleaning product such as mold-killer, ammonia, or grout cleaner. After you are done rinse it off and allow it to dry.


If you still see staining on your grout this is a sign that the grout needs to be replaced. If mold has grown into or underneath of the grout you will need to remove it and completely replace it. Use a flat screwdriver and a hammer (if necessary) to chisel out the old grout. After the grout is removed the area should be treated for mold and allowed to dry 48 hours.

Apply New Grout

After you have removed the old grout from the area and let it dry for 48 hours you can apply new grout. This not only will look nice but it will prevent mold from gaining a foothold in your bathroom. After you have restored the grout you will want to ensure that you have proper ventilation such as exhaust fans and windows in the bathroom so it doesn’t stay humid. You can also use a spray mixture of vinegar and water every time you finish showering on the grout to prevent mold from growing.

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