Mold is known to grow in dark and damp environments. It grows naturally in wood and dirt so it should be no surprise that it finds the soil of houseplants to be a perfect place to start to grow. If you see mold growing in your houseplants it is time to address the problem! By doing this immediately you will help prevent health hazards for you and your family as well as your plants. Read on for tips on how to prevent mold in your house plants.

Do Not Overwater

By over watering your plants you will encourage mold to grow in the soil. Mold thrives with dirt and moisture so having soil that is always moist will allow mold to continually grow. Only water your plants when the soil has dried. If it is still moist it is better to wait a little longer until the soil has had enough time to dry out.

Remove Debris

Get rid of any dead leaves or any dirt on the leaves. Having dead parts of plants laying on the soil will help mold by creating places for it to grow uninhibited. The debris will hold moisture in the soil so that it won’t dry out and will continue providing the moisture that mold needs to grow. Clip any dead parts of the plant off and throw these clippings in the trash so that they can’t become food or shelter for the mold.

Sunlight and Ventilation

Any gardener will tell you, plants need light and oxygen to grow. Besides helping your plant with growth, these two things will help to prevent mold. Even having a fan on low blowing on your plants will promote air circulation and decrease the chances that mold will grow. Ensure that your plant is somewhere that it is getting an optimal amount of light for its species. Your plant will not only grow better, but you won’t have to worry as much about mold taking hold in its soil.

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