The cold weather is here and by the time you get your warm clothing out it’s already past the time for you to have prepared your home for winter. Make sure that you complete the following tasks before the winter season is in full swing. By doing a little preparation work you can prevent having issues with your home in the cold.

Service Heating Equipment & Fans

Make sure that the heating system of your home is professionally inspected to ensure it is working at maximum efficiency and carbon monoxide isn’t leaking. This will protect your health and ensure that your home is properly heated. Fans and ventilation will also need to be in proper working order to allow air flow throughout your home.

Clean Up Debris

Any debris in your gutters will need to be removed so that water can easily flow down them. Make sure that any water flowing off the house is diverted away from the foundation of the home. This means building slopes and extending downspouts if necessary. This will prevent damage to your home in the winter.


Make sure that your home is properly insulated before winter starts so that you can stay warm. Also, the attic needs to stay cold. This means no air leaks from your home into the attic and you will need ventilation from the attic to the outside. This prevents heat from building up in the attic and causing snow to melt and freeze.

Always Prepare

By making sure that your home is properly prepared you will avoid hassle and misery this holiday season. If you are ever unsure always rely on professionals to come and check your home for issues and areas that need repair. Water Damage Zone is here for you and your family during the holidays 24/7

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