Every year your furnace should be maintained so that it lasts longer and works better for you. Remember it is always easier and safer to rely on professionals who perform this type of maintenance on a daily basis. Keep these tips in mind when performing maintenance on your furnace.

Shut Off the Gas

Always be sure to shut off the gas in your home when performing any kind of work on your furnace. This will prevent gas leaks and fire hazards. There should be a shut-off valve near where the gas pipe is connected to the furnace. Also the furnace should be powered off and if you cannot find the power switch it is best to switch it off directly from the breaker box.

Clean Your Furnace

Remove all debris from your furnace including any buildup of dust inside with a soft brush. After this is done use a shop vacuum with a snorkel head to finish removing all of the hard to get particles. Make sure all areas are cleaned from the base to the burners.

Replace the Air Filter

Every month that the furnace is in use the air filter should be replaced. This will do wonders for the air quality of the home as well as keep your furnace functioning at its peak performance. You should also look up the manufacturer’s instructions for how often to be changing the filter.

Trust Professionals

Performing regular maintenance on your furnace is important but it is really hard for anyone on their own to service all of the parts of their machine. Getting professionals to check out your machine once a year even if you perform maintenance on your own will help keep your machine from having any problems or becoming a fire hazard. Don’t hesitate to call home restoration professionals like Water Damage Zone today to get more information.

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