When it gets really hot most of us are tempted to crank the air conditioner up even higher to stay cool. This, in turn, cools off our homes but racks up our electric bill at one of the most expensive times of the year. Americans spend billions of dollars on air conditioning every year and there are some ways to prevent from having to resort to blasting the A/C every time we get a hot flash.

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[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Add tint to your windows to keep the sun from heating up the inside of your home when it shines through.’ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-jmx30r’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Keep doors and windows sealed so that cool air can’t escape and hot air can’t enter. ‘ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-hwy2nv’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Keep the blinds closed when the sun is hitting that side of the home.’ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-1mcj6j’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Shut windows and doors during the day when it’s hot and open them at night if it cools off to below 70°F. ‘ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-djounf’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Use fans to circulate the air throughout your home. ‘ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-16vh63’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Unplug and keep electronics off when not in use. ‘ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-133swr’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Use LED lighting where possible because they produce less heat. ‘ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-9adqdn’]

Schedule Certain Chores

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[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Run the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and other appliances at night or in the morning when it’s not as hot out. ‘ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-86rjsb’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Take shorter showers at cooler temperatures in the morning or evening. ‘ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-5nfvaz’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Cook outside of the home if possible on a grill or other outdoor cooking appliance.’ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-3pi2vf’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Keep water around to drink frequently as well as stay out of rooms that are in direct sunlight. ‘ color=” custom_icon=” av_uid=’av-39snxn’]

Stay Cool and Indoors

Keep your home as cool as possible and stay inside when the temperatures rise outside. It doesn’t take long for your body to enter dangerous territory when it comes to overheating. Stay smart and keep your home cool and dark so that you have somewhere to escape the heat. If you can’t stay in your own home go to either a public place or a friend’s that has air conditioning.

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