Drying equipment

Dehumidifiers are often the only way to take the dampness/mustiness out of your basement or bathroom areas. When the humidity goes above 50%, then you are more likely to encounter damage from issues such as dust mites and mold. As you can imagine these things will not just damage your home but also will cause health issues in those living inside.


Figure out where your dehumidifier will be going in your space. You’re going to want to locate it away from sleeping areas or places where people want quiet. Some dehumidifiers are quieter than others, and this is something you will need to consider.


The larger the area you are using the dehumidifier on, the larger it will need to be. In many cases, it may be better to opt for the medium size because it won’t cycle on and off as much while cleaning the air. The larger sized dehumidifier will shut off in medium-sized rooms once it reaches the optimal humidity level and then turns on again once it reaches a threshold for moisture allowance. Also, the size will typically determine how much water the tank can hold and how many pints of water it will remove in 24 hours.

Shop Sales

By purchasing a dehumidifier in the period of June-August, you will most likely encounter more promotions and discounts as retail stores put them on sale. You also will notice that they go on clearance in the fall and winter. Knowing when dehumidifiers go on sale will help you in purchasing a better machine that will last longer and work more efficiently. Do your research and purchase the right one for your space and budget.

Prevent Mold Growth

Purchase a dehumidifier ASAP to prevent mold from growing in the damp areas of your home. Start doing research now so that you can purchase one before moisture and mold become a problem for you. In this case, preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid the growth of mold. However, if you do find yourself with a mold problem on your hands, it is best to contact the professionals at Water Damage Zone, Inc. trained and licensed to perform safe and efficient mold removal.

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