• Help My Toilet Is Overflowing
  • When you start to see the water level rising in your toilet it can be alarming. When you are unsure what to do it makes this situation all the more stressful. That’s why it’s important to remember some important tips when it comes to dealing with an overflowing toilet.

  • Shut Off the Water
  • By turning the valve that is located on the pipe at the back of the toilet, you can turn off the water to the toilet. This will prevent it from overflowing and spilling all over your bathroom floor. After the water has been turned off to the toilet, you can begin to determine what has caused it to overflow in the first place.

  • Fixing a Clog
  • One of the easiest fixes is a clogged toilet. This can be simply fixed by using applied pressure with a plunger. Just put the mouth of the plunger around the hole at the bottom of the toilet and plunge repeatedly until you notice that water starts draining out of the toilet. Once the clog is fixed you can turn the water back on and flush the toilet.

  • Fixing the Float Mechanism
  • You can easily fix the float mechanism in your toilet by bending it so that it sits lower in the back area of the toilet bowl. This will prevent the back area of your toilet from filling up with so much water that can cause overflows to happen more easily. Toilets need regular maintenance like anything else in your house. It is important to check the parts from time to time in the back of the toilet bowl to make sure that they are all functioning properly.

  • Chronic Overflow
  • If your toilet is chronically overflowing, then it is important to deal with it by calling professionals. Chronic overflows are a symptom of something being severely backed up in your plumbing. This problem could become much worse and cost a lot more money if a pipe bursts. That is why it is important to have professionals, like Water Damage Zone, deal with the problem because they ensure that the proper repair process will be followed.

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