Garage fires are a major cause of fires in homes that can cause injury as well as costing a lot of money to repair. It is important to be aware of what causes fires to start in your garage so that you can prevent them. This article will cover some basics of fire safety when it comes to your trash.

  • Store Flammable Substances in a Safe Place

    Things such as paint, oil, gasoline, or other extremely combustible substances should be stored away from the home. They should be placed in a shed if possible that is located away from the house itself. Make sure to put them high up on shelves and in areas that are away from objects that produce heat. Check these areas regularly to ensure that none of these substances are leaking or damaged in any way that could create a fire hazard.

  • Don’t Use Appliances or Power Tools in Your Garage

    By using appliances outside of the home you greatly reduce the risk of starting a fire. The best way to do this is to only use one outlet/appliance at a time. Try not to use extension cords if possible to limit the chances for sparks to fly. Having a fire alarm in the garage itself will help as well so that if a fire begins to form you are able to put it out immediately or call for help. Make sure to check on the fire alarm regularly to ensure that it is working properly and has working batteries.

  • Don’t Fill Gasoline in Your Garage

    If you have gas containers don’t fill them in the garage. The fumes from the gas as well as the gas itself is a major fire hazard. Any gasoline that is spilled should be immediately cleaned up with sawdust or cat litter. Once they fully absorb the gasoline they should be removed and placed in a separate container for trash. Never fill gasoline on top of cardboard or other surfaces like rugs that could absorb the gasoline and become hazardous.

  • Fire Damage in Your Garage

    If a fire does start and you are able to put it out you will obviously have some damage to your home. Fire damage is very dangerous and should only be handled by professionals. There is a chance that there can be structural damage to your home as well as other hazards that could put your life in jeopardy. It is best in these situations to call trained professionals like Water Damage Zone who are certified and experienced in performing these repairs.

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