Power outages can be scary and unanticipated but if you plan correctly you at least will know what to do. Things such as preparing an emergency kit will help you to feel calm and in control in the occurrence of a power outage. Make sure that you have flashlights easily accessible and that you are somewhere safe from flooding and/or other storm elements.

Prepare a Disaster Kit

Having a kit for emergencies is essential for anyone to have. Make sure that you have flashlights and batteries easily available in case of a power outage. Portable chargers for phones are also important in the event of an outage. Know how to get in and out of the home through all entrances and exits without power. This means knowing how to open doors that may normally use switches like garage doors.

During a Power Outage

Use flashlights and other battery powered sources of light to prevent the risk of starting a fire. Unplug all appliances and turn off all switches to prevent a power surge if it goes back on. Leaving one light on is fine so that you’ll know if the power comes back on or not. Keep your refrigerator shut so that the cold won’t escape and your food will stay preserved for longer.

Once Power Returns

Stay away from any power lines that may have fallen down. Calling professionals to assess the safety of electrical wiring around your home may be necessary before resuming day to day activities in the residence. Get rid of any food that has gone bad. Don’t risk eating something if it’s been sitting at higher than 40°F for over 2 hours. Always prepare for emergency power outages before they happen and keep the phone number of professionals like Water Damage Zone on hand to help you deal with the crisis when it comes.

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