Hoarding is a common problem that people suffer from. But most don’t realize that eventually someone has to clean up that mess and it’s neither safe nor desirable. Hoarding situations often endanger the health of everyone living in the home. Before entering such a scenario it is important to be aware of the dangers.

The Dangers of Hoarding

Health hazards such as mold and diseases from pests can be present in hoarding situations. These issues are formed because hoarders create hiding spaces as well as food sources for these types of hazards to grow and prosper. Fires can also form because everything is so close together and may also be covering heat vents or wiring inside of the home. Air quality is another factor that needs to be taken into account. In homes where there are hoarders present, there may be mold spores and other debris in the air that makes it hard to breathe and dangerous for your health.

Structural Damage & Building Maintenance

Damage can occur over time to the very structure of the building where a hoarder resides. This is because of the fact that homes were not meant to hold the amount of weight created by all of the items hoarders keep inside of their home. This makes it unsafe to even walk in certain areas because the floor can give way and cause someone to fall through. Hoarding objects also prevents handymen and other maintenance workers from being able to repair the home when it becomes damaged. This allows safety hazards to form and remain unrepaired for months to years.

Restoring a Hoarder Property

Restoring a home of a hoarder is not only hard work but it is also a health hazard. It is best left to restoration professionals such as Water Damage Zone, who have the proper equipment and training to perform the work efficiently. You must always wear protective gear including gloves and face masks with goggles to prevent any biohazards from coming into contact with your body. Proper cleaning supplies need to be used in order to prevent the spread of disease and bacteria as you work to remove the garbage from the home. Most items can go directly into the trash but others can be sorted to give away as donations if they are clean and safe.

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