Many people bring trees into their homes in America as a sign of the coming holiday. Christmas trees bring joy but they also may be harboring something else that you don’t know about, mold. Tree mold in Christmas trees will trigger symptoms in anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies.

Mold Allergies

You will notice the following symptoms if your tree has mold:

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[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Sneezing’ color=’custom-color-icon’ custom_icon=’#7bb0e7′ av_uid=’av-d2j512′]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Sore throat’ color=’custom-color-icon’ custom_icon=’#7bb0e7′ av_uid=’av-b9066u’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Itchy eyes’ color=’custom-color-icon’ custom_icon=’#7bb0e7′ av_uid=’av-8s0aom’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Coughing’ color=’custom-color-icon’ custom_icon=’#7bb0e7′ av_uid=’av-7cevee’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Heavy breathing’ color=’custom-color-icon’ custom_icon=’#7bb0e7′ av_uid=’av-j8crq’]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Nosebleeds’ color=’custom-color-icon’ custom_icon=’#7bb0e7′ av_uid=’av-4449t2′]
[wc_featurelist_item feature=’Headaches’ color=’custom-color-icon’ custom_icon=’#7bb0e7′ av_uid=’av-228t2e’]

Where to Look for Mold

Always check where the moisture is because mold needs this to begin its growth. Check at the base of the tree to see if you spot any mold growing onto the trunk. You will need to move branches around to look closely at the tree. Having the tree inside for a shorter period of time will reduce the likelihood of mold from forming.

Prevention of Tree Mold

Shake the tree outside before bringing it into your home to remove any mold or allergens. Try to shorten the presence of the tree in your home to a couple weeks instead of a whole month. This will not only make it more special but it will also reduce the likelihood of mold growth on the tree and in your home. Having a potted tree is a nice option that will ensure you can enjoy your tree without having it form mold. Once Christmas is over you can plant the tree in your yard and the family can enjoy it year after year.

Mold Remediation
Mold Remediation in Los Angeles