Staying Safe From Carbon Monoxide

The only way to truly stay safe from carbon monoxide is to purchase and employ CO detectors. These alarms will make sure that you know when the levels of carbon monoxide become dangerous in your home. Here are some tips when installing and using CO detectors around your home.

Space Heater Safety

Around this time of the year is when the temperatures start lowering and many pull out their blankets, sweaters, and heaters. Many people use space heaters as a way to stay warm because they are convenient and portable. It is important to remember that space heaters can be a fire hazard if not used correctly.

Where Should I Look For Mold?

Mold can cause severe damage to your home as well as your health. The only problem is that it can be hard to locate and sometimes even goes undetected for years! If mold has begun growing in your home you may notice the deterioration of certain parts of the building or decay in the health of one of your family members. This is why it is important to know where to look when you are inspecting your home for mold.

Seasonal Roof Maintenance

In order to extend the life of your roof, you need to make sure that you inspect it twice a year. Doing so once in the spring and once in the fall will ensure that any damage doesn’t go unnoticed for too long. This post will discuss some maintenance tasks you can perform in order to prevent damage from occurring to your roof.

Carpet Mold Prevention

Mold is something that we all encounter from time to time. It is hard to get rid of and finds ways into our homes and lives even when we least expect it. It grows in bathrooms, inside of walls, and even on wood in our homes. One area that mold thrives and spreads from is our carpet. This post will give you tips on preventing mold from growing in your carpeting.

Pre-Winter Furnace Maintenance

Every year your furnace should be maintained so that it lasts longer and works better for you. Remember it is always easier and safer to rely on professionals who perform this type of maintenance on a daily basis. Keep these tips in mind when performing maintenance on your furnace.

Preparing Your Home for Winter

The cold weather is here and by the time you get your warm clothing out it’s already past the time for you to have prepared your home for winter. Make sure that you complete the following tasks before the winter season is in full swing. By doing a little preparation work you can prevent having issues with your home in the cold.

Fire Prevention in the Fall

When the weather starts changing it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to decorate your home. Along with these considerations you need to keep track of fire safety when hanging lights and other potentially dangerous decorations. The following tips will help keep your home safe from fires around the holiday season.