Christmas Tree Mold

Many people bring trees into their homes in America as a sign of the coming holiday. Christmas trees bring joy but they also may be harboring something else that you don’t know about, mold. Tree mold in Christmas trees will trigger symptoms in anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies.

Carpet Mold Prevention

Mold is something that we all encounter from time to time. It is hard to get rid of and finds ways into our homes and lives even when we least expect it. It grows in bathrooms, inside of walls, and even on wood in our homes. One area that mold thrives and spreads from is our carpet. This post will give you tips on preventing mold from growing in your carpeting.

How to identify black mold

Black mold is a fungus that can grow in your house and become a health hazard for everyone living inside. It feeds on organic matter and is usually a greenish-black color. If it is wet it will look slimy but can also be dried out and still active. This mold produces toxins that float through the air and are inhaled by people and animals.

8 important places to clean in your home

We clean our homes on a regular basis to keep them clean and tidy. We clean floors, windows, and walls but there are still areas that get overlooked. Areas, that if left untouched for too long can build up debris that create the proper conditions for mold.

Preventing Mold in Houseplants

Mold is known to grow in dark and damp environments. It grows naturally in wood and dirt so it should be no surprise that it finds the soil of houseplants to be a perfect place to start to grow. If you see mold growing in your houseplants it is time to address the problem! By doing this immediately you will help prevent health hazards for you and your family as well as your plants. Read on for tips on how to prevent mold in your house plants.