How To Pick The Right Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are often the only way to take the dampness/mustiness out of your basement or bathroom areas. When the humidity goes above 50%, then you are more likely to encounter damage from issues such as dust mites and mold. As you can imagine these things will not just damage your home but also will cause health issues in those living inside.

Pre-Winter Furnace Maintenance

Every year your furnace should be maintained so that it lasts longer and works better for you. Remember it is always easier and safer to rely on professionals who perform this type of maintenance on a daily basis. Keep these tips in mind when performing maintenance on your furnace.

Control Humidity Levels in Your Home

Humidity that has gone on too long unchecked can lead to the development of mold problems in your home. You may not even be aware that you have mold but smelling a musty odor can be the tipoff that you have a mold problem. Certified professionals like the ones at Water Damage Zone know what to look for if there is hidden mold in your home.

Removing the Smell of Cigarettes

Smoke from cigarettes smells nasty and it also sticks to surfaces in your home. This makes it hard to eliminate. In order to get this smell out you will need to clean all of the surfaces in the home. You can start by opening the windows and let fresh air circulate throughout the home.

The importance of ventilation in your home

Having air circulating throughout your home is crucial to maintaining a healthy environment. Properly ventilating your home will ensure that indoor pollution, moisture levels, and the temperature inside the house doesn’t get out of control. In this post, we’ll talk about ways to make sure that your home stays ventilated.