Different categories of water damage are often treated differently by the IICRC guideline.

The 3 Categories of Water Damage

One of the first things that water damage experts do when they assess the damage that is in a home or office is figuring out what category of water damage the scene falls under. Different categories of water damage are often treated differently by the IICRC guideline, and the insurance policies, the damage may need to be cleaned up using different methods. As a result, it’s wise to look up different categories of water damage if you find yourself dealing with water damage in your home.

Clean Water – Water damage that has been caused by water that is generally accepted to be safe for human consumption is called Clean Water Damage. Sink overflows, burst water supply lines, as well as equipment malfunction-related floods often fall into this category. This category is generally the least hazardous of the three categories and happens to be the most common. Clean water spills can cause damage over a very long period, or if they have very high quantities of water associated with them but are typically not too bad.

jet of water from a hole in the wall

Grey Water –When water seeps into a home that is known for carrying gross bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, it’s called Grey Water Damage. This can be hazardous to people and often causes sickness when prolonged exposure occurs. This is the category of water damage that covers urine-filled toilet bowl overflows, sump pump issues, and water discharge from washing machines. It’s important to clean up grey water quickly because it often causes mold after a couple of hours.

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Black Water –If you have black water damage, watch out! This kind of water is grossly unsanitary and should not be touched by anyone without the proper equipment and protective gear. People who have black water damage in their homes need to call a water damage control team as soon as possible and should not stay in the room where the damage happens to be. In fact, they might not even want to stay at the home at all! This is the category that covers damage that involves sewage, seawater, and grey water that has been left to stagnate for too long.

Category 3. “Black Water” Toilet Backup Overflowing

Of course, these three main categories do not cover other major detail categories, such as the evaporation rate of the surface that was damaged. Depending on what surface was affected by the water damage, you may have to worry about specialty drying procedures as well. Still, just knowing the main category of water damage can tell you what you’re in for in terms of cleanup. If you have any other questions, it’s best to call up your water damage expert today.

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