Mold is something that we all encounter from time to time. It is hard to get rid of and finds ways into our homes and lives even when we least expect it. It grows in bathrooms, inside of walls, and even on wood in our homes. One area that mold thrives and spreads from is our carpet. This post will give you tips on preventing mold from growing in your carpeting.

  • Decrease indoor humidity by purchasing a dehumidifier. If it’s too humid inside of your home there is no way that you will ever get rid of your mold problem. In order to effectively decrease the humidity in your home, you will need to buy a dehumidifier and install it ASAP.

  • Remove carpet in humid and wet areas. There is no reason that carpet needs to be in areas that are frequently wet or humid. This is just asking for mold to return over and over again. Areas that are also prone to flooding are better with flooring that won’t absorb water.

  • Don’t allow water to stand in your home. If liquid spills it should be cleaned off of your carpet and dried immediately. The longer it is allowed to sit in your carpet the more likely it is to begin growing mold spores. Make sure that all the water is soaked up from the carpet by standing on a towel over the spill. This will ensure that the water underneath of the carpet is picked up as well.

  • Purchase antimicrobial carpet padding instead of regular padding. This will ensure that the materials used to pad the carpet won’t promote the growth of mold. This is really important in keeping the quality of your carpet at its best. This will keep the mold in check when humidity levels start to get a little higher.

  • Clean your carpets regularly. Dust and dirt will find their way into your carpets and will feed mold so that it can grow. Vacuum your carpet every week with a powerful vacuum cleaner. Sometimes steam cleaning your carpet can be helpful in removing large amounts of dirt but the carpet must be dried correctly to prevent mold from growing afterward.

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