Mold is a buzzword when it comes to home restoration. Mold is one of the most important issues facing homeowners when it comes to being dangerous to your health and destructive to your home. Today we require home builders to know how to build structures that will prevent mold and allow it to be swiftly dealt with if it takes hold. Here are 5 steps to take when you are faced with mold in your home.

1) Discover Sources of Moisture

One of the most important things when detecting mold is knowing where there will be sources of moisture. These can be areas near windows that become humid or bathrooms and basements that hold moisture because they have improper ventilation. Mold will grow in areas where you cannot see it first in these areas and then quickly spread to other parts of your home. By finding these areas of moisture you will by process of elimination find where your mold is coming from.

2) Take Pictures & Contact Professionals

The next step will be to take as many photos of all of the mold that you can. Write down specifics next to each photo so that you can document all of the important information related to your mold infestation. Documentation will be important in coming up with a sufficient plan to adequately address the amount of time and measures that need to be taken to completely eradicate the mold at its source. This plan will tell you when work is going to begin and be completed as well as cover any testing and other procedures necessary.

3) Discover All Places of Mold Infestation

Mold will be located in many more areas than the one that you discovered it in, most likely. Here it is important to figure out how much the mold has spread so that you can tackle it with the right strategy. You will need to clean all of the mold growing in the home as well as prevent anyone from coming in contact with dangerous spores. There are different guidelines based on the state and county where the building resides.

4) Prevent New Mold Growth

You will need to prevent moisture from building up in the areas of your home where the mold started to grow. This means repairing any leaks that moisture is coming in and also installing better ventilation in rooms that are staying too humid. Isolate the mold by shutting doors and windows in the rooms it is found so that it cannot spread as easily throughout the building. Place any contaminated materials in plastic bags and move furniture and other large items outside of the building and far enough away so spores can’t return to your home. Mist the areas where mold is found with a 50/50 white vinegar and water spray that will kill the spores as they dry. After you have performed these steps it is best to call professionals to come into your home to take it from here.

5) Final Inspection

After the professionals leave and a few weeks have gone by it is important to reinspect the home to see if mold is returning. Most companies will gladly do this as insurance to the customer that the job was performed correctly. At this point, they can determine whether mold is still a concern and any additional steps that need to be taken to prevent it from returning again. You should have no moisture building up in any area of your home as well as no mold or allergies from mold upon successful removal by professionals.

Water Damage Zone – Your Mold Professionals

Our family of employees at Water Damage Zone is comprised of mold professionals who are trained and certified in proper mold removal. This means that we are licensed to remove mold from your home the right way the first time. Don’t mess around with the safety of your home and your family’s health. Pick up the phone and call today for a free estimate!

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