Sewage Damage

Sewage Damage Is A Very Serious Environmental And Health Issue

Sewage damage needs to be quickly cleaned to avoid the potential problems of spreading germs and airborne contaminants. Sewage water carries pathogenic organisms such as germs, viruses and bacteria which can transmit diseases to humans and other animals. If you have sewer damage, you cannot afford to leave it alone.

According to the IICRC S500, sewage clean up should be done by experienced and trained technicians equipped by full protective suits, gloves, masks and using special machines such as air scrubbers and dehumidifiers. Water Damage Zone will extract all visible contamination, remaining water, and unsanitary remains. Afterwards, high powered dehumidifiers will be placed throughout the area. We will then disinfect all affected areas will be thoroughly scrubbed with specially formulated botanical disinfectants.

Hydroxyl Generators

Water Damage Zone will use Infra-Red cameras and moisture meters to look deep into and behind walls for signs of dampness and to identify wet surfaces. Odor removal hydroxyl generators are designed to remove smells, not cover them up. Water Damage Zone uses advanced hydroxyl generators that get rid of the odor without harming your furniture or home.

Water Damage Zone Works With Your Insurance

Water Damage Zone uses the same billing and invoice software that insurance companies use. your covered claim will be resolved fairly, accurately and as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on working nonstop to advocate for our clients.


The most amazing quality of work at a time when you need it the most!!! They are the best and they help you deal directly with the insurers.


Kelly Cohen and her team Water Damage Zone were prompt and professional in her response to the water damage in our home. I would recommend Kelly to others who face similar challenges to deal with damages to their home.


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